Apparatus & Stations

Emergency Response
The paid-on-call / volunteer firefighters of the Apple Valley Fire Department respond to their assigned station when their pager sounds. Once at their station, the firefighters don gear and load into apparatus to respond directly to the scene of the emergency. Except for call response, training drills, and maintenance requirements, the stations are not staffed. 

Fire Station One

Fire Truck Engine 1
Fire Station 1
Fire Truck Ladder 1

Located on the west side of the city, station one houses an engine, ladder truck, command van and a utility vehicle. The Apple Valley, Lakeville, and Farmington (A.L.F) Ambulance Service also offices out of this station, ambulance operations are delivered by Allina Medical Transportation.

  • 15000 Hayes Rd.
  • Full Staffing: 24
  • Constructed in 1975
  • Renovated in 1990

Fire Station Two

Fire Truck Engine 2
Fire Station 2
Fire Engine

Due to its central location in the City of Apple Valley, station two is the busiest of the three stations. Station two houses two fire engines, a utility vehicle, zodiac rescue boat, and a rescue truck.

  • 13995 Galaxie Ave.
  • Full Staffing: 24
  • Constructed in 1979
  • Renovated in 2003

Fire Station Three

Engine 3
Fire Station 3
Ladder 3

Located on the east side of the city, station three houses an engine, ladder truck, and a utility vehicle. This is also the assigned station for the sprinkler demonstration trailer that is used at many public education events, as well as a Dakota County Special Operations Team vehicle used for county-wide emergency response.

  • 14195 Essex Ave.
  • Full Staffing:24
  • Constructed in 1979
  • Renovated in 2003