In Your Yard

Weed Management
Under section 94.36 of the Apple Valley Code of Ordinances, Apple Valley property owners are required to limit the growth of certain weed species on their property. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and Dakota County also regulate the growth of noxious and other weed species in the City of Apple Valley.

Aquatic Plant Management
Apple Valley has initiated or assisted in efforts to control the spread of aquatic invasive plant species in various waterbodies in the city, often with the assistance of adjacent property owners and neighboring cities. Control efforts have encompassed mechanical harvest, herbicide application, and lake drawdown methods. Property owners wishing to remove aquatic vegetation along their shoreline may need to obtain an Aquatic Plant Management Permit from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Biologic Control
The City of Apple Valley has released biocontrol agents in an effort to limit the spread of purple loosestrife and spotted knapweed under programs offered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Minnesota Department of Agriculture. The biocontrol agents used in these programs do not affect other plants.