Shade Tree Disease Control Program

Oak wilt 2Disease Management
  • In an effort to maintain the community's urban forest and manage significant disease outbreaks, the City of Apple Valley has adopted a Shade Tree Disease Control Program for oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, and emerald ash borer. Only red oak trees are required to be removed for disease control.

    If oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, or emerald ash borer is diagnosed on your property, trees will be clearly marked and numbered with orange paint. A packet will be sent to the property owner including the following:
  •  - A list of tree contractors licensed to work in Apple Valley
     - A map showing the location of the infected trees
     - Additional information on the specific disease infecting the trees
     - An official notification letter explaining:
     - Confirmation of diseased trees
     - Preventive disease treatment recommendations
     - Tree removal and disposal requirements