Neighborhood Watch

Crime Prevention
Neighborhood Watch is a law enforcement program that enlists the active participation of citizens in crime prevention. Simply put, Neighborhood Watch involves residents watching out for one another. That begins with getting to know each other, otherwise how can you tell a neighbor from a stranger? The program encourages a block captain to keep a list of those residents in the neighborhood who are willing to participate in the program and receive information on calls for service, crime prevention ideas, and how to report suspicious activity as it occurs.

Neighborhood crime watch logo

The Apple Valley Neighborhood Watch program provides an effective format to help support your efforts to maintain a crime-free neighborhood and community. It unites residents who are willing to participate by keeping a watch on each other's homes and property. For information on how to include your neighborhood, please call (952) 953-2706.

Benefits of a Neighborhood Watch

  • Access to crime data and trends in criminal behavior in your area
  • Enhanced reporting of suspicious activity and knowing when and what to report to 9-1-1
  • Greater awareness of crime and exposure to crime prevention techniques for all neighbors
  • Prevention of residential crime and traffic-related offenses 
  • Promotes neighborliness and strengthens security amongst one another
  • Serves as a warning to criminals that residents are alert to and concerned about crime in their neighborhood

For more information please contact Crime Prevention Specialist Pam Walter at 952-953-2706 or by email