Stormwater Ponds

The majority of the over 300 ponds and lakes found in the City of Apple Valley are connected to the Apple Valley stormwater system.  Over time, sediment and debris will accumulate in connected ponds. Take a look at this flyer to see how you can help improve water quality in your neighborhood.

Inspection Program
The city inspects every connected pond once every five years as part of its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) MS4 permit.

The city prioritizes pond dredging and other maintenance activities on the following criteria:
  • Human health and safety
  • Potential for property damage
  • Benefit to major city watershed water quality
  • Depth of sediment accumulation
  • Ability to access the pond
  • Overall project cost and availability of funds
Some ponds are owned and maintained by other entities. The city does not have maintenance responsibilities for these ponds.

Limitations on Dredging
In many cases, the stormwater system empties into wetlands and lakes, where excavation is limited by state statute.

Report a Problem with a Pond
To discuss your pond, contact the Public Works Department at (952) 953-2400 or email Public Works.