Outdoor Ice Skating

Outdoor Rinks

Outdoor Rinks - All rinks are ready for skating and can be used during daylight hours. Each rink has a picnic table, nets and gate boards.

Warming Houses - Now that the kids are back in school, Warming Houses are open at Johnny Cake Ridge Park West, Huntington Park, East Park and Galaxie Park from 4:00 to 9:00pm weekdays starting January 3, 2022. The warming house at the Apple Valley Community Center is available during regular building hours.

Huntington Park Lights- Huntington now has the switch for the rink lights located on the outside of the building. Push it once and the lights will stay on until 10:00pm. 

Weather Related Closures

For weather related Warming House closure information call 952-953-2399, option 5. Warming Houses may be closed if the air temperature reaches -10F, the wind chill temperature reaches -15F or if 1" of snow or more has fallen. If there has been significant snowfall, rinks will be plowed on a priority basis, but roads, school pathways and sidewalks will be plowed first.

Warming House Attendants Needed

Work in the Parks this winter. For those of you looking for part time employment, or if you know someone who is looking for seasonal employment, refer to the jobs page on this website for the latest job opportunities.


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