2020 Micro Surfacing (2020-103)

Project Description

The City of Apple Valley 2020 Capital Improvement Program identifies $499,500 for street preservation in the form of micro surfacing and crack sealing. The work consists of applying a thin wear-resistant layer of oil and rock mixture that helps prevent pavement oxidation and seepage of moisture into the pavement surface. It’s anticipated that approximately 105,000 square yards of street will be micro surfaced including portions of the following neighborhoods and streets:

  • Huntington Additions
  • Briar Oak Knoll 1st Addition
  • Diamond Path Townhome Additions
  • Walnut Hills Addition
  • White Oak Ridge Addition
  • Evermoor Parkway
  • Hunters Woods Additions
  • Huron Court (Alimagnet Landing)
  • Cobblestone Lakeview Addition
  • Other miscellaneous cul-de-sacs
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