Photovoltaic (Solar Panel) Installation

***Effective July 1st 2023 Solar panel contractors must be licensed with the state of Minnesota to pull a permit.***


Starting on February 15, 2022, the City of Apple Valley is changing the solar inspection process in order to provide a quality inspection for homeowners and contractors without typical seasonal delays. In our new process, we request you call us at 952-953-2588 to schedule the building inspection AFTER the electrical inspection has passed. We then request that you email pictures of the project to with the address and/or permit number in the subject line. In order for our inspectors to approve the project, we will require pictures of the following:

  • A street-view picture of the home to verify site and address
  • A distant picture showing the correct layout and number of solar panels
  • Close-up pictures of the solar roof panel mounting brackets and any other attachments required

If there is not enough information in the pictures, you will receive a correction notice by email and will need to provide additional information. If you wish to check your inspection results, please visit the City of Apple Valley permitting portal

In order to process your permit application in a timely manner, you must provide all the required information regarding your proposal. Incomplete applications will take longer to process. If you have questions please contact us. A building permit and electrical permit are required for roof-mounted solar panel installations.

The following information will be required:

  • A complete Solar Permit Application, to be completed online.
  • The installing contractor name and license number.
  • An application fee (required with all applications and also serves as a portion of the price of the permit).

A complete application and plans should include the following:

An e-permit application and drawings with:

  • The location of the proposed installation
  • Verification of approval or modifications from a Licensed State of Minnesota Structural Engineer about the strength of the structure to which the installation will be attached (if applicable)
  • Any strengthening of roofs that must take place to ensure structural safety (if applicable)
  • Information about the mounting system that will be used to construct the array (this must meet requirements of R324.4.1)
  • Any zoning related information that may impact the installation

A to-scale site plan showing:

  • Equipment locations on all roof planes. (Roof access and pathways must meet requirements of R324.6.)
  • Types of panels and inverters
  • Types and sizes of conduits and conductors
  • Lengths of runs
  • A grounding diagram showing electrodes and grounding electrode conductors

A wiring diagram showing:

  • All circuitry
  • Equipment
  • Fusing
  • Points of connection
  • Disconnects
  • Array wiring
  • Equipment grounding

Cut sheets and instruction manual for the inverter with the applicable model numbers highlighted and the UL or comparable listing noted.

Cut sheets for the PV modules, which need to include VOC rating, ISC rating, PMAX, maximum series fuse rating, voltage at PMAX and current at PMAX.

Cut sheets on batteries, if applicable, and connection diagrams with cable sizes. Be sure to identify:

  • Battery fusing and fuse holders
  • Amp hour of battery bank
  • Charge capacity of charge system
  • Details for battery storage and venting

Identify wire types and connectors of all cables.

Provide details for array mounting and engineering for the supporting structure. 

Verify the ability of PV systems installed on three phase supplied systems to cease to export power on loss of voltage in any phase.

Show all warning signs and their locations. 

Ensure that all required materials have been completed and compiled and submit them to the City of Apple Valley online application site.

Solar Inspections

The Building Permit must pass inspection before the Electrical inspection can pass. 

For questions about the online permitting process, please contact us. 

For questions regarding electrical work, please contact our electrical inspector Brian Grey by phone at 507-381-1791 (7:00am to 8:30am Monday thru Friday) or by email.