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Proudly serving Apple Valley, Minnesota Since 1966

The Apple Valley Fire Department is a paid, on-call department that trains firefighters for optimal emergency response, from three fire stations strategically located throughout the city. We also promote fire safety through educational programs and inspections of new and existing businesses.

Become a Firefighter

For information on becoming an Apple Valley Firefighter click here.

Open to business in Apple Valley 

Are you planning to open your new business in Apple Valley? We Welcome You!

Whether constructing a new building, moving into an existing space, or renovating/remodeling an existing space, the following information will help you meet the city requirements for all types of business.


Fire Department
Phone: 952-953-2600IMG_1539To provide contact information for ongoing inspections and emergency needs
To comply with Fire codes, including fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems
To obtain permits for the sale of fireworks and all fire related permits, the permit application is online: Permits.
To obtain the required inspection of a mobile food unit (truck or trailer) contact Brian Kilmartin, Fire Marshal at 952-953-2680
Licensed Open Burning Contractor form: Burning Permit

Building Inspections
To comply with building and fire codes, including occupancy use.
To obtain permits for demolition, building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, SAC charges, and fire-related permits: Permits and inspections.
Phone: 952-953-2588

Public Works (Utilities, Water and Sewer Services)
To add, change, delete, update contact and billing information:
Phone: 952-953-2522

Community Development/Planning 
To comply with zoning, licensing, signs, special events, food truck permits:
Phone: 952-953-2575

City Clerk (administration and licensing)
To obtain city issued licenses including massage, liquor sales, tobacco sales, kennels: 
Phone: 952-953-2506 

Additional resources (NOT all inclusive)
Secretary of State 
Open To Business
MN Department of Agriculture
MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
MN Food Truck Association

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