Little Orchard Preschool and Family Enrichment

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At Little Orchard Preschool & Family Enrichment, we strive to build a meaningful foundation for kids and families to grow and learn.

Our Discovery Zone preschool program facilitates learning through play-based interactions and hands-on projects that are directed by each child’s interests and abilities. We foster each child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development.

Our family enrichment classes focus on growing together as a family. Parent-child classes and multi-generational events will bridge the gap between performing as individuals and learning from one another.

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Meet the Teachers


Kristy Hemphill

Kristy has a BS in Elementary Education and 29 credits towards her Masters in Elementary Education from Minnesota State University, Mankato. 

She has been working with kids since 1994 and enjoys cooking and playing games with her family, which includes her son, daughter and two rescue Pomeranians: Moose and Tinkerbell. 

Kristy’s favorite part about working with kids is their honest, simplistic view of how the works.


Kari Schultz

Kari has a BA in English and Environmental Studies from St. Cloud State University and has been working with kids since 1993. 

She enjoys writing, spending time in nature and creating different kinds of art. She has a son, daughter, and two rescue dogs: Truman and Wesley. 

Kari's favorite thing about working with kids is being silly with them and having a good excuse to act like a kid again.