Parks Referendum

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On Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023, a Special Election was held for Apple Valley residents to consider a Parks Referendum. The referendum had two separate questions. 

Question 1 would authorize the City to issue general obligation bonds in the amount of $66,750,000 to fund improvements to parks, recreation facilities, and the trail system. 

Question 2 is contingent on the passing of Question 1 and would authorize the City to issue additional general obligation bonds in the amount of $6,500,000 to fund the replacement of the Redwood Community Pool.

The Parks Referendum was presented as a direct response to residents’ requests for improvements to our parks, trails, and recreational facilities. It is a result of thorough research and public input that clearly identified existing deficiencies across our present parks system. We have listened to your comments and concerns, and believe the proposed projects are essential projects for our City. 

An informational brochure about the Parks Referendum was sent out to all Apple Valley residents in mid-September. You can also view the brochure here.

Election Results

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023, Apple Valley residents voted in favor of a Parks Referendum. Question 1 passed with 66.52% of the vote and question 2 passed with 60.12% of the vote. View the election results here.

The growth of Apple Valley has increased demands on the parks and recreation system. Reinvesting in our City’s parks and recreation facilities will help continue to provide for our residents, protect property values, enhance the natural environment, attract new residents, and draw visitors to local businesses, which in turn helps support the local economy. During the pandemic, the City saw extraordinary use of our parks and trails. This trend has continued and reinforces the fact that parks are essential and the need for reinvestment and improvements across the entire system are important to residents.

Referendum Projects

Below are the projects proposed for the referendum. Please note that the plans shown in this section are conceptual in nature. If the referendum is successful, City staff will work with architects and seek resident input on the final plans.

  1. Improve Trails
  2. Protect Natural Resources
  3. Preserve Park Amenities City-Wide
  4. Apple Valley Family Aquatic Center
  5. Apple Valley Community Center and  Senior & Event Center
  6. Redwood Park Master Plan
  7. Kelley Park Master Plan
  8. Hayes Park Youth Baseball & Softball Complex
  9. Hayes Arena
  10. Redwood Community Pool


Improving and Adding New Trails

The City has nearly 19 miles of trails inside our parks. This investment would include resurfacing approximately 75% of our existing trails and creating new trails to fill in some of the gaps found in our trail system.

Fifield trail

Referendum Project Video Overviews

Embedded below is a playlist that contains informational videos about each Referendum Project. To browse the videos, click the button in the top right corner. You can also watch and browse the videos on YouTube

Tax Impact, Ballot Questions, and Voting Information

  1. Tax Impact
  2. Ballot Question 1
  3. Ballot Question 2
  4. Voting Information
Monthly Tax Impact of $66,750,000 G.O. Bonds Issues with 20-year Repayment
Home Market ValueQUESTION 2:
$6,500,000 G.O. Bonds Issues with 20-year Repayment

Tax impact is estimated based on certain assumptions, including estimated issuance of $66,750,000 and $6,500,000 respectively in general obligation bonds with a repayment period of 20 years and estimated bond rates as of 6/30/2023.