Parks Bond Referendum


Investing in Our Growing Community

Apple Valley residents continue to play an important role in helping identify the needs of the community by providing input on how to invest in our parks, trails, recreational facilities, and how to protect our natural resources.

With the growth of Apple Valley has come increasing demands on the parks and recreation system.  Investing in our city’s parks and recreation facilities will help continue to attract new residents, protect property values, provide for existing residents, and draw visitors to local businesses which in turn helps support the local economy. During the pandemic, the City saw extraordinary use of our parks and trails. The high demand during this period reinforces the importance of these park amenities for users and the need for reinvestment and improvements across the entire system.

Opportunities for Changes Identified by Residents

The City asked residents what changes they would like to see in Apple Valley's park and recreation system. Using this feedback, the City developed a master plan based on community feedback. Click the tabs below to learn more about each potential project.

  1. Preserving Existing Park Assets
  2. Alimagnet Park
  3. Apple Valley Community Center
  4. Apple Valley Senior Center
  5. Hayes Park
  6. Apple Valley Family Aquatic Center
  7. Apple Valley Sports Arena
  8. Farquar Park
  9. Hayes Arena
  10. Indoor Court Facility
  11. Kelley Park
  12. Natural Resource Management
  13. Off-Leash Dog Park
  14. Redwood Park

With 51 parks covering 700+ acres, Apple Valley residents have excellent access to parks and trails. Many of the amenities such as existing playground equipment, tennis/basketball courts, tables, benches, trails, etc. need to be replaced. Updating park amenities to ensure they are meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and other codes is important for the safety of all that use the park system. Residents of all ages and backgrounds use the park and trail system to stay active and healthy, participate in sports (youth and adult), and meet new friends and neighbors. A well-maintained accessible park system is important to help maintain a high quality of life within the community.

This investment includes the replacement of playground equipment, tennis/basketball courts, trails/parking lots, a new concrete skate park, ballfield backstops/benches, lighting and irrigation systems, and other miscellaneous improvements across the entire park system.

Individual Parks_Wildwood

Investment and Tax Impact

The table below outlines the investment needed for each project. Please note, we will not be able to complete all of the projects on this list. The intent of providing the entire list to the community at this time is to show the different needs and interests expressed by residents along with the associated investment(s) necessary to complete the projects and tax impacts so residents (taxpayers) are able to help prioritize what is the most important and what residents are willing to invest in.

Item Investment Amount Annual Impact Monthly Impact
Preserving Existing Parks $16,750,000 $60.61 $5.05
Alimagnet Park $6,800,000 $25.48 $2.12
Apple Valley Community Center/Senior Center      
$10,600,000 $39.72 $3.31
Park Improvements
$6,200,000 $23.23 $1.94
Youth Baseball/Softball Complex
$5,200,000 $19.48 $1.62
Apple Valley Family Aquatic Center      
Preservation of Aquatic Assets
$6,300,000 $23.61 $1.97
$1,800,000 $6.74 $0.56
Wave Pool
$15,700,000 $58.83 $4.90
Lap Pool
$5,900,000 $22.11 $1.84
Apple Valley Sports Arena $11,100,000 $41.59 $3.47
Farquar Park $5,000,000 $18.73 $1.56
Hayes Arena      
Rink – Refrigeration – Locker rooms
$4,600,000 $17.24 $1.44
Courts – Basketball, Pickleball, Volleyball, Badminton
$18,800,000 $70.44 $5.87
Kelley Park $8,600,000 $32.22 $2.69
Natural Resource Management $3,000,000 $11.24 $0.94
Off-Leash Dog Park $2,000,000 $7.49 $0.62
Redwood Park $9,600,000 $35.97 $3.00

Public Informational Meeting Schedule

Attend a public meeting to discuss, learn more, and ask questions.

Monday, February 13, 20239 a.m.Virtual -
Monday, February 13, 20236:00 p.m.Municipal Center – Regent Conference Room
Wednesday, February 15, 20232:30 p.m.Virtual -
Tuesday, February 21, 20233 p.m.Virtual -
Tuesday, February 21, 20236 p.m.Municipal Center – Regent Conference Room
Wednesday, February 22, 20236 p.m.Municipal Center – Regent Conference Room

Community Phone Survey

The City has contracted a professional public opinion firm, The Morris Leatherman Company (MLC), to perform a statistically accurate community survey to gauge resident interest in a potential parks bond referendum to enhance our parks and recreational facilities. MLC pollsters will be conducting phone surveys using technology that allows them to access Apple Valley residents via a traditional landline or a cell phone. Pollsters will complete 400 phone surveys to provide the Council with information regarding residents’ interest in a parks bond referendum.