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Posted on: February 26, 2024

Lighting arrangements that work for you and your neighbors!

Landscape Lighting along walkway

Strategically placed lighting can be effective in creating safe and pleasant environments around your home and property. When installing and arranging lighting, property owners should be mindful of potentially adverse effects on neighboring properties.

Thoughtful and considerate design of outdoor lighting can minimize impacts of lighting on neighboring parcels and roadways. Using discretion in determining the location, height, size and type of fixtures may also help reduce impact of lighting on the surr...

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Additional Info... Code Enforcement
Posted on: February 19, 2024

Incorporate visual screening at your property to improve the aesthetic in your neighborhood!

Vegetative Screening with bushes around houses

In Apple Valley, screening requirements are established to protect the aesthetic quality of properties and neighborhoods. Ordinances require items, when stored outside, to be fully screened from public view by adjacent properties and right of ways.

Within residential neighborhoods outdoor storage is prohibited, generally unless the storage is visually screened from neighboring properties and right of way areas.  In commercial, industrial, and institutional districts all exterior storage sho...

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Screening Ideas... Code Enforcement
Posted on: February 12, 2024 | Last Modified on: August 2, 2018

Understand and follow parking requirements in residential neighborhoods!

Cars on Street and Driveway

To preserve the peaceful character of residential neighborhoods throughout the City, the City of Apple Valley restricts the total number of passenger vehicles that may be parked outside at a residential property to four (4) at any time.

No more than a total four (4) passenger vehicles may be parked outside on a residential property at any time. A residential parking permit, however, can be obtained through the City’s Planning Division that would allow up to, but no more than six (6) pass...

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Parking Permit Application Code Enforcement
Posted on: February 5, 2024

Reduce clutter in your home for a safer, healthier, and more pleasant environment!


Excessive accumulation of personal belongings and waste within the home can lead to potentially unsafe conditions. These conditions can affect the safety of the occupant, neighbors, and public.

Excessive indoor accumulation of belongings and household waste such as newspapers, junk mail, expired food and merchandize, and common household waste can lead to potentially unsafe conditions in a number of ways. Excessive indoor accumulation can make c...

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Link to DARTS Services... Code Enforcement
Posted on: January 29, 2024

Non-passenger vehicles may service, but should not be stored in residential neighborhoods!

Food Truck on street

To maintain quality residential neighborhoods, non-passenger vehicles are prohibited in residential districts unless loading, unloading, or otherwise rendering a service.

Non-passenger vehicles are defined as motor vehicles, over 8 feet in height or over 22 feet in length, vehicles with a one ton or more carrying capacity, or any vehicles or trailers not customary or incidental to the use or occupancy of residential proper...

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